Playing the Edge Coaching

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Tina Geithner, Ph.D, Presence-Based® Coach,  ICF-Associate Certified Coach, ICF-Registered Mentor Coach, Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200)

Find your "edge".
Play it well.
Transform your life.
What is Edgeplay?

"Edgeplay" is the opposite of maintaining your status quo, coasting, settling, or rusting out.

It means actively, mindfully, and intentionally choosing the terrain you want to navigate.
Navigating it with greater presence, awareness, and somatic intelligence. 

Experiencing increased skillfulness, confidence, and enjoyment in life.

Are you trying to find your way in unfamiliar territory or through challenging terrain?
Do who you need to be and what you need to do seem unclear, feel overwhelming, or appear impossible?
Is something important to you at stake? 

I’ve been there, too, both professionally and personally. Most recently it was when my husband was diagnosed with cancer for a second time when my parents needed assistance in their last few years. I learned to be present with them and with what was happening. What really matters came into focus – being present and connecting with each other with compassion in this one wild and precious life that we have.

Coaching provides a safe space and partnership that will help you orient to what matters most and find your way forward.

Our work together will support you in:

  • Exploring the territory of your choice and learning to navigate it more skillfully
  • Developing greater presence and awareness
  • Gaining clarity about what is at stake for you in whatever challenge you are facing
  • Experimenting with practices that develop your capacity to:
        - access the wisdom of your whole body
        - understand your patterns of relating and responding to life
        - be more mindful, self-aware, and compassionate toward self and others 
        - create new habits that support you more effectively
        - increase your ability to take appropriate and effective action in the moment
        - make choices and create sustainable change that positively impacts you, others, and the world

Let’s find your “edge”, help you play it well, and transform your life. 
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What's your "edge", and how do you want to play it? ​

Describe your current edges or challenges and/or tell me what you'd like support in transforming. 

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What's your EDGE?